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    Hello-Hello, the top language learning app maker recently launched the language learning apps on Amazon Store for Kindle Fire tablet PC. There apps will help people to learn new languages for their educational, business and travel needs.

    Apps will allow people to develop a solid foundation of conversational skills for languages such as Spanish, English, French, and Mandarin Chinese. Among these Hello-Hello Spanish witnessed strong customer acceptance by placing among the top 5 educational iPad apps in US, China, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain and Switzerland with the #1 position in US, Brazil, Italy and Spain.

    These apps rely on a research-based methodology that uses dialogue based on realistic situations that business people, travelers, or students will find useful to help them be comfortable with their target language. Hello-Hello’s content was developed in collaboration with the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL). The organization is the world’s largest and most respected organization for language teachers and professionals.

    Apps feature the voices of native speakers, which is especially important when people are learning a new language. The more comfortable people are with hearing a new language, the easier it will be for them to speak it.
    04-04-2012 07:28 AM
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    you done great work.i am one the biggest fan for language learner...
    05-23-2013 01:09 AM