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    According to reports, following the recent decision of a Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals judge whose ruling supported the language Apple presented in its patent claim, the fate of the Motorola Mobilitys, (Android) cellphone market will challenge the future stability of the company. It has been reported that Motorola Mobilitys attempt to have the patents coverage restricted by the language used in an example Apple presented in explaining its multi-touch technology, was rejected by the judge.
    Allegedly, the ruling has the potential to legally permit Apple to ban Android smartphones manufactured by Motorola on grounds of infringing on the patent.

    Reportedly, if Apple is successful in eliminating their top competitor in the smartphone market, it would not only jeopardize U.S. markets but could ultimately reach global markets as well. Allegedly, Motorola Mobilitys ability to remain competitive in the U.S. market could be limited to
    pleading with a higher court and hope they can overturn the judges decision, find adequate prior evidence to question the validity of the patents claim, or be successful in having a substantially damaging ruling brought against Apple, requiring them to offer licensing agreements with
    their company.

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    04-04-2012 10:33 PM