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    I have an EVO 3D and am looking for the best third party SMS app. The key feature I'm looking for is cross platform group messaging, specifically with iPhone users. Nearly all my relevant classmates, coworkers, and my wife all have iPhones. I always used the stock messaging app but when I would receive group messages from them, I would receive an MMS (that's how I knew it was a group message) but couldn't see how was included on the message. Furthermore, when I replied, it would nto show up in the group message thread for anyone else included.
    I'm not giving up my android phones and i'm likely going to be upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus the second it comes out (Sprint), but it's extremely inconvenient that we cannot communicate efficiently via group messaging.

    That being said, I currently have handscent installed on my phone and it successfully does group messages and emoji (an added bonus). Are there any other apps that have the same features but may perform a little better? Handscent is a little slow for my taste and has a few bugs that cause FC.

    thanks all!
    04-09-2012 08:16 AM