1. Eddiesmama's Avatar
    I'm currently debating between Android versus iPhone. I know IPhone apps become obsolete for one phone after the next generation arrives, but what Android phones?
    Are they the same way?
    04-14-2012 09:15 AM
  2. Kilj0y's Avatar
    What do you mean? I'm pretty sure every app still works for the iPhone 4 except for Siri which can be added through jail breaking though. I have had no problem with older phones and android apps either
    04-14-2012 09:18 AM
  3. Eddiesmama's Avatar
    I have a third generation iPod touch and half the apps I used for it won't download on my iPod anymore
    04-14-2012 09:22 AM
  4. rocker22dallas's Avatar
    As far as I know, you can always download apps unless the carrier blocks them. However, after using android, it is nearly impossible to tolerate using an iphone because of how "locked down" it feels.

    Sent from my Galaxy S II epic 4g touch. 4.0.3 FC05 ICS
    04-14-2012 09:29 AM
  5. chubb's Avatar
    All my apps have worked on all my phones unless its blocked by the carrier or developer claims it won't work on a particular phone. Apps I bought in 2008 for my G1 still run on my Galaxy Nexus. But even the blocked apps can usually be side loaded some how.

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    04-14-2012 09:32 AM