09-04-2011 04:18 PM
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  1. Tobii1's Avatar
    New update just out.... Missing Sync STILL does not sync repeating events properly; they sync out a for few weeks, then nothing beyond that. Well, if you delete the repeating event, add it again as a new set of events and re-sync it works properly, but geeeez.....
    Same here. I tried the suggestion of re-creating the events. But after some time, they aren't synced/displayed anymore again...
    09-16-2010 12:30 PM
  2. bobodobo's Avatar
    Same here. I tried the suggestion of re-creating the events. But after some time, they aren't synced/displayed anymore again...
    Yup that happened to me too!

    With regard to repeating events: you might try doing an overwrite, where you set the desktop to overwrite the data on the device. Doing this will update your repeating events, simply by getting them back on the device (again), which should resolve the issue you've mentioned.
    Thanks for the suggestion rick, though previously I had deleted/re-added the repeating events after the last Missing Sync update. Anyway did what you suggested today, i.e. did a "desktop overwrites device" sync and all events synced to the device. I even tried a "synchronize events" sync after that, and the repeating events didn't get corrupted. I'll check to see if/when the tail end of the repeating events drop off and report back.
    09-25-2010 12:41 PM
  3. bobodobo's Avatar
    ... and now after doing another "synchronize events" sync... the repeating events are dropping out AGAIN.

    If it matters, the event that I'm tracking is a Tuesday and Thursday event that goes until December... and it quits in mid-November.
    09-27-2010 01:02 PM
  4. Tobii1's Avatar
    Anybody tried this...? Android Manager WiFi. It's free.

    Product Information - MobileAction
    10-05-2010 11:46 AM
  5. bobodobo's Avatar
    Geez it seems like things are getting worse now... the latest version of the Missing Sync (Mark/Space) calendar for Android (version 1.4.3 on the Android side, with the same version of Missing Sync on the Mac side) completely loses past calendar events a couple of days after a sync. It loses some future events too. About all I can do is if I have to enter a calendar event on the Evo, sync it as soon as possible to the Mac, then do constant "Desktop overwrites device" syncs every time the Mark/Space calendar for Android loses events again.

    Not to mention... Bluetooth sync doesn't work any more whereas it used to pair up perfectly every time.

    Granted I'm not a software developer and don't know the challenges of writing reliable code, but this seems ridiculous.

    I've tried going back to using iCal / Google Calendar sync (after which I would sync the Android (Evo) via Google apps if it worked), but all the iCal / Google Calendar sync does is make the Mac run very, very hot without syncing anything to anything else. And yes I followed Google's instructions to the letter.

    10 years ago my Palm Pilot's calendar synced perfectly with the Palm desktop calendar... sigh.
    10-29-2010 04:27 PM
  6. bobodobo's Avatar
    Ok Mark/Space has pushed out another update (1.5.0 on both the Mac desktop and Android sides) and it seems like everything works... so far. Particularly, compared to previous versions:

    1. Bluetooth sync works fine (did at first, then it didn't for one or two updates, now it's working again.)

    2. Calendar sync seems to work fine now. I'm not losing any events on the Android calendar, and sync both ways works also, even with repeating events.

    Sooo.... I'm not quite ready to plant the flag and declare victory yet, but I see no reason I can't.
    11-23-2010 07:04 PM
  7. simontemplar's Avatar
    See following on XDA

    Android calendar sync with MS Outlook - Page 2 - xda-developers

    I too had bad experience with Missing sync as follows

    Ive had the product for about 6 months and they havent been able to fix my issues. Originally I had problems on Xperia X8 in that my contacts were being removed form the PC when synchronising.
    Logged the issue with MarkSpace (which by the way appears to be a two man outfit). I would get a reply every so often to say a new version has been released and I should try it. When askign if the new version was actually a fix for my issue i was told no and that I should 'jut try it'. Good job I backed up my outlook data file first as it deleted my contacts again.
    Eventually decided to change my phone and now have a different issue; missing sync is preventing google synchronisation. Also the contacts on my phone which were written to the phone from PC do not synchronise if I edit them. Not only that but if I edit a google contact on the phone that too does not synchronise with google.

    These people dont seem to care that there are real users in the field with real data. Once again Im told to 'try the new version' - same result. Problem not fixed

    Missing sync would have been better of 'Missing'
    11-25-2010 11:28 AM
  8. simontemplar's Avatar
    MarkSpace are completely useless as far as support is concerned. it's a two man outfit with little regard for customers or indeed their applicatons.
    After months of issue after issue I asked for a refund and they refused
    Do NOT buy this product if you value your data
    12-02-2010 01:53 AM
  9. bobodobo's Avatar
    Well it was too early to plan the flag and declare victory. For a while it seemed like things were OK but STILL when I do a "desktop overwrites device" calendar sync, after a few days, sometimes a few hours, the Fliq calendar on the Android doesn't display events more than a few weeks before or after the current date. The events aren't deleted, a two-way sync to the desktop preserves the events, but they can't be seen again on the Android. I've tried reseting, deleting and reinstalling everything on both the Mac and Android side but the outcome is always the same... events not within a few weeks before or after the current day do not display. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL.

    Everything else with Missing Sync seems to work OK but without being able to see events on the Android, its value is very limited.

    At this point I've given up on the calendar/event functions of Missing Sync... I'm now using Spanning Sync which seems to work pretty well: Sync (via the internet, i.e. "cloud") between iCal and Google calendar, then sync (again via cloud) Google calendar with the Android Calendar of one's choice (the stock HTC calendar or many 3rd party apps such as Jorte.) Spanning Sync's price is a bit high but as far as I can tell so far there's no bull, it just works.

    For now I'm still using some of the other functions of Missing Sync (heck, it's paid for) such as syncing notes, call logs and contacts but that may change later.
    03-07-2011 02:04 AM
  10. daThomas#AC's Avatar
    I have had nothing but pain trying to use this buggy Missing Sync crap software! Wasted hours with their tech support who are all but useless. Complete waste of money. Avoid it at all costs.
    05-30-2011 02:05 PM
  11. bobodobo's Avatar
    I was hesitant to post before now, since previously I thought everything was fine with Missing Sync and I posted to that effect, only to find a few days later that things were not fine at all.

    Anyway I've been working with the latest version of Missing Sync (1.6.0 on the Mac, plus Fliq Calendar 1.2.3 and Fliq Notes 1.6.2 for the Android.) Everything that I use (calendar, address book, notes, call log) is working as it is supposed to. In particular, there are no longer any lost calendar events, syncs are fast and accurate. The first time I ran a sync under this setup it took only a minute and my first reaction was, "damn, it quit AGAIN!" - when in fact it had already completed without incident.

    If you haven't already done so, be sure you're using the latest version of Missing Sync and the Android apps, there is a HUGE difference in speed and reliability from previous versions - at least in my experience.

    EDIT: ok one feature still lacking in Fliq Calendar - specifying an end date for repeating events. Suppose you have a meeting Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week from 9 to 10 am. You have 3 choices:

    (1) create 3 separate events in Fliq
    (2) create an event that repeats every day from 9 to 10 am starting next Tuesday and going on forever, then delete it after next Thursday
    (3) create the repeating event on Mac's iCal then sync to the Android
    05-31-2011 07:18 PM
  12. kgielow's Avatar
    ... and now after doing another "synchronize events" sync... the repeating events are dropping out AGAIN.

    If it matters, the event that I'm tracking is a Tuesday and Thursday event that goes until December... and it quits in mid-November.
    The inability to get repeating events to synchronize far into the future is a feature to keep your phone memory from overflowing.

    There is a setting on Missing Sync that controls how far into the past and the future calendar items will be synced. The DEFAULT is 2-months back and 2-months forward. Repeating events more than 2 months into the future will not show up on your phone untill you get within that range. The future synchroniation can be set from 1 day to 18 months. Alternatively you can set it to all regardless of the date.

    To find this hidden control, open Missing Sync on your computer and double click on the calendar synchronization. You get a menu with sveral items on it. The Date Range item is the last on the menu.

    Every synchronize option has a double click menu.
    09-04-2011 04:18 PM
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