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    So I travel a lot I mean a lot. So I always see this billboard with road ninja on it so Googled it a saw it was a iPhone app. Fast forwarded a few months I see a new road ninja billboard but with the Android in it. I'm like cool so its in the market I dl it and its pretty cool check out the description.

    RoadNinja is the ultimate interstate travel app that helps you find great savings, delicious food, comfortable lodging and the best attractions at upcoming exits. We believe that travel should be simple, fun and rewarding. So with this app, you can easily locate points of interest on the interstate faster than a throwing star.

    Cost-conscious travelers can tap the promotions icon to learn about specials and savings, and access twitter feeds from all chains within a three mile radius. You can also snap photos and share reviews with your friends on Facebook or check into FourSquare in just one click.

    The app was created by Lamar Advertising Company.


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