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    The ultimate set of utilities for undercover agents, Spy Tool Kit is six FREE apps in one powerful package! From covertly recording conversations to creating timely (and potentially comical) diversions, to shedding light on your, or your enemies' clandestine activities, Spy Tool Kit has everything you need - and more!

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    FLASHLIGHT simple & efficient, without the useless extra features of other memory-hogging apps. Includes LED on devices that support it, plus adjustable brightness.
    COUNTDOWN TIMER the #1 multi-purpose timer. Use it to time everything from boiling an egg to running a marathon. Can also be used as a STOPWATCH (just press START when counter is at 00:00:00).

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    VOICE RECORDER record dictation, a message, a concert - or anything else you can think of! Then send your recordings via email, bluetooth, etc, or save them on your SD card.

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    VOICE DISGUISER record a message, then manipulate your voices pitch, tone and speed to disguise it. On playback, no-one will recognize you! Move the slider to the left to sound 'demonic', to the right to sound 'cartoonish'!

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    ANTI-TAMPER ALARM thwart would-be phone thieves by using your devices motion, proximity and touch sensors. Features a fake home-screen to fool your adversaries, and an obnoxiously loud siren that can only be turned down or off by you.

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    DIVERSION CREATOR distract your enemies by creating a diversion! Select from a list of sounds (POLICE SIREN, DOOR BELL etc), set the timer, and place your device out of view. When the timer reaches zero, watch as all hell breaks loose, rendering your foes (or friends) vulnerable to your attack!!

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    04-20-2012 10:29 AM