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    This is the professional version of Home Screen Title Widget. This widget allows you to add a Title to the home screen. It works with most launchers and produces good looking labels. You can create multiple title widgets with different text, even on different home screens. Title color can be set using Red, Green, Blue and Alpha controls. Title text font can be set at a suitable size using three pre-set sizes: Small, Medium and Large. This Title Widget works on most Android Tablets and Phones.

    Once the Title Widget is placed on the home screen, you can drag and place the widget anywhere on the home screen. You can add as many titles as you wish; for example, name your home screens: Main Apps, Games, Tools, Office Apps, etc.

    To edit the text, simply tap the widget. To re-size the widget view and make sure the entire title is shown, apply a long press on the widget which will bring up sizing controls outline. (see photos)

    This is Pro App from Wildroid - Android App Widget Apk Program Tool Market Play Store - The Free App is limited to white color text and one text size.

    Get the App from Google Play Store:


    04-21-2012 08:52 PM