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    Since I don't have any HP ePrint printers, HP's ePrint Home & Biz app is completely useless to me.

    Does anyone happen to have the APK of the last version of HP iPrint Photo for Android?

    With the iPrint Photo app I could print to my HP LaserJet 4100, Color LaserJet 2500 and Photosmart 3310. All of them are on my LAN and accessible via a WiFi access point and to my two desktop PCs and two laptops. (Used to have three laptops but sold the oldest one.)

    The only device that can't print to them is my Android phone since HP "upgraded" iPrint to ePrint.

    I just don't see the point of "cloud" printing. Why should I send a large chunk of data through the phone network only to have it turn around and come back to a printer two feet from my left hand??? (Assuming I had an ePrint capable printer.)

    Even if I had such a printer I still wouldn't want to print that way because it's *slow*. Even if I had 4G service where I live it would still be far slower than printing to the LAN over WiFi. If I was on any other carrier than Sprint I for bleeping certain wouldn't want to do "cloud" printing. That would chew through a data allowance like the cartoon Tasmanian Devil.
    04-23-2012 03:44 AM