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    Hey, guys...

    We just posted our latest release of Claystone 3D Launcher to Google Play @ http://play.google.com/store/apps/de...m.claystoneinc and featuring the following changes:
    - Added stacks for Amazon TV/Books/Movies/Apps
    - Immediate access to popular Amazon titles
    - Addressed ICS performance issues
    - Resolved misc. usability issues app-wide
    - New look to Claystone widgets
    - Revised drawables across the UI
    - 'Free Themes' badge removed for Pro users
    Also attaching a few screens showing off our recent integration of Amazon content. We've got books, movies, TV shows... nearly the whole shi-bang from their storefront. Amidst the other adjustments to UI, stability, etc, that's one thing we really wanted to move towards nailing down - integrated content.

    We see Claystone as not only a launcher, but also a delivery platform. Something that can facilitate access to content already on the device, while providing a gateway to scores of entertainment beyond it. I won't claim that we've perfected the experience - we're always striving towards making it increasingly stable/faster on more devices, building more fluid workflows, etc - but I like to think we're taking some big steps in the right direction when coupled with our existing apps like RSS reader and YouTube in presenting within the 3D interface.

    Really excited about this release and, as always, love receiving feedback!
    04-23-2012 03:03 PM