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    Convenient time - a widget of the current time, date, day of week and time of next alarm activation, events, birthdays contacts and calendar (including periodicals), Orthodox holidays (including passing) as well as a shopping list of programs DrShopper and LazyShopper, with an opportunity to set each event the number of days before the event when it would be displayed in the widget.

    The mission of the program: the withdrawal of the information required in current moment on a limited space of home screen.
    The main widget 4x3, displays the current time, date, alarm clock, day of week, as well as a list of events sorted by the proximity of their occurrence. Next alarm clock activation time can be displayed just before going to bed - in the configured time interval. The year can be excluded from date string. Any event can be temporarily hidden, or, conversely, displayed permanently. Shopping list, can be easily hided / restored by tap on the widget. For each event, you can specify the number of days before the event when it would be displayed in the widget. This allows on the one hand, to inform about important events in advance (several days), and on the other hand, do not clutter up the widget by unimportant events - they can display the day or in the very day of occurence. In the future we plan to display other information. Clock and events can be displayed in individual widgets.

    Clock widget:
    - Opening a standard or set an alarm clock application (by tap on time), and application-calendar (by tap on the date or day of week)
    - Displays the complete text of the month and day of week
    - Ability to specify the time period (before bedtime, for example, 22:00-01:00) when the next time alarm clock will be displayed in large print, date and day of the week - reduced
    - Setup the font of the current time

    Widget events:
    - Events of contacts
    - Calendar events(local - do not need an internet connection)
    - Orthodox holidays, including passing
    - Ability to specify the number of days before the event when it would be displayed in the widget
    - Set special visibility of any event: show always, hide, or the default
    - Window with list of all events
    - Short name of the contact
    - Grouping of events by date
    - Compact mode output events (separated by commas)
    - Ability to mark any day as an output / worker

    - Widgets 2x1, 3x1, 4x1, 4x2, 4x3, 4x4, 5x2, 5x3
    - Displays a shopping lists of programs DrShopper and LazyShopper
    - Customize color, font size, visibility of each component, as well as the presence of background widget
    - Different date formats

    One of the distinguishing features of the widget is the ability to define the number of days before the event when it would be displayed in the widget. Typically, there are many contacts with the specified days of birth, which is necessary to know only the day of their occurrence. This contact can be co-workers who just need to be congratulated (or buy a chocolate / flowers, etc.) in the event day itself. In this case we do not need to know about the occurrence of such events for a few days. On the other hand, there are specific contacts for the events which we want to know in advance (relatives, close friends) and to which we must be prepared (to choose and buy a valuable gift, etc.). Exposed default interval (number of days before) for contacts in 1 or 0, and setting the intervals for each particular contact, we can get timely reminders in both cases. Individual intervals are also useful for other types of events.

    Download (Google play link): https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...ockwidget.free

    Developer will be happy to listen any comments and suggestions from users
    04-24-2012 02:40 PM