1. Crimson's Avatar
    Currently own a Sprint HTC Evo (The original) and just picked up an ASUS TF300 tablet. I'm planning on using my same gmail account that I use on my phone for my tablet. Can you install paid Apps on multiple devices or is that considered against the rules? Wondering how I am going to handle multiple devices if Apps are considered to be 1 device only or any device that I sync my gmail account to?

    Not real interested in created multiple accounts to manage applications on my device but don't want to screw developers or go against Google's TOS either.
    04-30-2012 08:43 AM
  2. luvsmobile's Avatar
    Yes you can!! I have my gmail across 3 devices and install my apps on all.
    04-30-2012 11:35 AM
  3. Verdes8891's Avatar
    +1 to yes you can. I ha e got ot currently on three actove android devices. But i have gone through at least almost ten android devices all together.

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    04-30-2012 11:51 PM
  4. srkmagnus's Avatar
    That's the great thing about Android. Being able to connect one account across difference devices and sync all paid apps for use on a phone, tablet, etc. Just be aware that not all apps may be compatible on the tablet and vice-versa. Just a heads up if you purchased an app and don't see it come up on the tablet.
    05-01-2012 08:31 AM