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    Ever wanted to change that e-mail you just sent? Now you can, with ChiaraMail for Android, the first Android-based mail client that enables you, the user, to retain control indefinitely of any e-mail message you send, including attachments.

    Based on the popular K-9 Mail client, ChiaraMail for Android joins the Dynamic Mail Content extensions for Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook as the latest dynamic content-enabled mail client from ChiaraMail. Using dynamic content, the actual message content is sent to and maintained by a content server and is totally separate from the rest of the mail message. Pointers in the message header are used for retrieving content. Thus, recipients receive only message headers and a small default message, resulting often in major space savings in their inboxes.

    ChiaraMail for Android is a functional superset of K-9 Mail, so that in addition to all the features of that mail client, ChiaraMail for Android provides the following:

    * Send, read and modify e-mail after it has been sent
    * Optional AES encryption of your mail
    * Significant mail resource disk savings
    * Reduction in e-mail address "spoofing"
    * ... and much more!

    The content server is currently configured to allow users to change their e-mail messages at any time, even after the recipients have viewed them, but can be set to disallow changes after the first recipient has viewed the message. Try ChiaraMail for Android and let us know which option you prefer.

    Please note: the promotional video shows how dynamic content works on Mozilla Thunderbird, a desktop mail client, but the principal is exactly the same for mobile devices. Also, localization for dynamic content-specific text is currently restricted to English. Let us know if you'd like to help out with localizations!
    05-07-2012 02:43 PM