1. mcauthorn's Avatar
    Hello all, and I hope that I can get some really solid recommendations. Allow me to give the background:

    ! used to have a Zune player, with the Zune software. The big things I loved about the software was:
    1) ability to browse categories and see the new items, or most popular
    2) Add paid podcasts, audiobooks, etc to the device (items that have no RSS feed) *must have*
    3) if I found an audio book from, like podiobooks, I could just say "get all the items" and grab all the episodes without requiring to click on everything.

    I have tried to combine everything on to just the phone (SGII Sprint) and I currently use the paid version of Doggcatcher. It does one out of the three items really well. Is there anything out there that does those big three items. I've also tried:

    * Doubletwist (can't stand the desktop)
    * BeyondPod ( no ability to add paid items, but I do love the directory)

    Am I just crazy in thinking that there is a version on android and I need to use like two apps, like BeyondPod and Poweramp? Thanks in advance for the input.
    05-14-2012 06:30 AM
  2. Froalskiner#WN's Avatar
    I think your #2 requirement is going to limit what is available. If anything you may get that feature but it may be with a less feature packed app that you may not be happy with. I use PocketCasts which I love but I don't think it has password component. What you may want to do is look into an app that does most of what you need, then look for something that can grab the password protected rss feeds and save them to your local SD or a Google Play account.
    05-15-2012 09:54 PM
  3. mcauthorn's Avatar
    well it isn't password protected. it's a direct download. So I have on my pc (or phone) a folder of mp3s that just happen to be podcasts. They aren't on any RSS feed because of it being additional paid content from the podcast provider (like the additional podcasts from Leviathan chronicles, Mike O Meara Bonus shows, etc.) So they aren't anyway DRM protected, just no RSS feed for them at all.
    05-16-2012 09:35 AM
  4. Froalskiner#WN's Avatar
    Oh, well that opens things up a bit. You could use Pocket Casts for your main podcast player and download the "protected" podcasts into Google Drive/Dropbox on your main system. There are apps to sync dropbox files to your phone. You could then set up Pocket Casts to read the folder and do an auto-import. A bit Rube Goldbergish but it's doable.
    05-16-2012 05:52 PM