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    Check out FileVault - a comprehensive android file security tool, available absolutely free. Encrypt, hide and secure all types of sensitive files on your android device and enhance your privacy. Easily hide pictures, audio, video, documents or any file on your memory card.

    Files added to FileVault are encrypted & hidden and will not show up in any application or file-manager. FileVault is password-protected and implements advanced encryption algorithms (ARC4/Blowfish) for absolute file privacy.

    FileVault also provides a secure encrypted notes for storing your sensitive information (such as passwords, PINs etc) in a safe manner. You can easily add/view/edit/share encrypted text notes within FileVault.

    You can quickly add photos/audio/video with gallery-style selection or browse the entire SD-card to add any type of file. With a sleek intuitive UI, FileVault is easy to use and a definite must have for your android device's privacy.

    ~ Selectable encryption algorithm - ARC4/Blowfish-128bit/Blowfish-256bit
    ~ Intuitive file chooser to select media files easily.
    ~ Encrypt and hide any file from SD-card.
    ~ Supports all file types.
    ~ Automatic logout / cache flush on keyguard unlock.
    ~ Sleek, modern UI.
    ~ Absolutely free!

    05-15-2012 12:57 PM