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    Build your personal music collection in the cloud, by adding songs played on Internet Radio, browsing friends/featured collections, importing from your local media library or through searches.

    Use your facebook login to secure your music collection.The music in your collection is automagically categorized and easily accessible with intelligent filters. Organize your collection by creating your own tags, reordering the playlists and applying filters to them. Use the context sensitive search feature to find tags, songs, radio stations instantly.

    Enjoy playback of music videos, even with Edge/GPRS (2G) data connections by enabling the low bandwidth option. Keep working and playing with your phone, as you enjoy your music playing in the background. Even though we try to keep your bandwidth usage minimal, it's recommended that you use unlimited internet connection plans for streaming music/video. Kindly note that you are responsible for any network charges incurred.

    05-18-2012 03:22 AM