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    I use an app called Android System Info. Mainly, I check how much memory apps are using. I know it's an absolute sin to kill apps (I know, I'm a developer ), but sometimes an app, say Words With Friends, will be showing 60M+ of memory usage and my phone is crawling. I kill that app, the memory is freed and my phone is back to normal. The app will come back with a much smaller memory footprint.

    Memory usage as shown by Android System Info is usually 20M+ per app. But then I go into the built-in Android Applications Manager and see mostly 2-5M memory usage, with some in the 11-15M range.

    Which is correct? Android System Info has good reviews, but if it was so far off (5-10 times the actual numbers), I'd think it would get 1 star reviews. And my phone is usually sluggish and I'm guessing that's because of low memory. Still, you'd think the Android Applications Manager would be the most correct. And yet, when my phone is slow, it says memory usage is fine.

    I just want the correct info.
    05-18-2012 05:01 PM