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    Hi There,

    Just Sharing my App:


    EzyMount is designed for making USB devices and MicrosSd cards simple to use on Android. It provides all the necessary features and customization options so you don't need to worry about file formats, filesize limitations or file permissions.

    A lot of Android devices are limited to 4gb file sizes on fat32 filesystems for their external USB storage media or for their internal MicroSd cards. This is inconvenient to say the least. With EzyMount you are free to have any files sizes, so you can have one storage media for your hi-def 1080p video's, music files, work files etc. There is no need to worry if your work colleague passes you an EXT4 or NTFS formatted USB device. EzyMount manages your storage as you would expect.

    With EzyMount you have NTFS reading & writing via native support. Ext4 read & write support (if running an Ext4 supported kernel). Automatic Ext4 Permission handling by the application. Automatic USB device mounting as well as 1-Click mounting widget. Auto Mounting of any internal Ext4 or NTFS MicroSD partitions at Boot Time. EzyMount provides File usage charts of mounted filesystems so you can keep track of your storage requirements.

    EzyMount simplifies the use of external and internal storage for your phone or tablet devices.

    Check it out from the android market:


    Appreciate any comments on how to improve the App further.

    05-21-2012 09:08 AM