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    Brain Alarm is an app for creating fully customizable alarms.

    Is possible to create alarms based on time, date, your geographic location, based on the weather, temperature, phone signal, and much more. The potential of Alarm Brain is huge, because all of these conditions can be mixed with each other, in order to create hundreds of combinations of alarms for all occasions!

    For instance, you can create an alarm to warn you when you are at home, at night, and starts raining. Or an alarm that warn you if the phone is charging and the battery level is over 90%. Or an alarm telling you when the battery level drops below 20%. Another example is a wakeup alarm based on the weekday and the weather!

    The combinations are hundreds! But that's not all: with Brain Alarm is also possible to customize the notifications, by setting the notification background, the ringtone, the duration and much more. Brain Alarm is definitely an app to expand the potential of your smartphone.

    Website: http://www.feedk.com/brain-alarm-android/

    Free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...brainalarmlite
    Full no ad: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...edk.brainalarm


    05-22-2012 03:49 AM