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    I have had several Android devices and never this problem. All of them great phones, but this one arguably the best, the Galaxy Nexus

    I installed the purchased Beautiful Widgets

    It works...BUT, a big BUT

    I can hit go into settings, fine
    I can go into weather settings and change the weather fine,
    I can change the text, etc fine

    But when It comes to going directly to changing the Clocks OR going into Settings, which opens ASAP, then into Clocks, in both/all cases, it makes me wait literally 20-40 seconds, about half the time saying "beautiful widgets is not responding, wait, or no"

    I always select wait, and it is fine

    I just cleared cache, removed and installed the app

    I also installed it new on my friends phone, the same GN, and it went right to the clocks with no problem

    Can anyone help? I hope I don't need to do a factory reset

    I had to a week after I got it because I could not update FB status and the Nexus rep said he had the same problem

    Could it be that I have too many clocks downloaded?
    I would stake my life, and stake my life that you are going to say no because I had that many on the Galaxy S II an it opened fine

    Any help would be most appreciated

    05-25-2012 04:21 PM