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    My Gesture

    You can find 'My Gesture' in the market

    You just stroke a phone with your own gesture mark and the phone will remember where to take you.
    Your favorite apps, internet pages, contact numbers by calling or texting people or even your phone settings !!!

    - Facebook? Just write 'f'.
    - Calling to someone? just add your gesture to call that person or to text other person.
    - WI-FI On Off? Lets make W for this.

    What can I use?
    * Internet URL
    * Applications
    * Contact auto call, auto message
    * Home button
    * Silent Mode
    * Vibration Mode
    * WiFi
    * Bluetooth
    * GPS
    * Auto rotation

    How to use is really simple:
    1. Select a category from [Internet / Application / Contact / Phone Setting ]
    2. Select an item from the list
    3. Create a gesture for the item
    4. Turn on My Gesture (The icon will stay on the top layer when turned on)
    5. Click on the icon
    6. Draw a gesture
    7. The desired app/internet/calling/texting/settings will be available instantaneously!!!
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