1. Curious Mew's Avatar
    I've been using JuiceDefender for over a week now, and am having mixed feelings about it:

    1. It seems the longer JD keeps my phone on, the laggier my 'Samsung Galaxy S' seems to run. I don't have any malicious apps or anything running in the background (as far as I can tell), and my phone is only 2 months old. By default my Android seems to run slower as the battery stays alive. I wish I knew the reason for this.
    2. Syncing my Google Calendar and other apps seem much riskier to sync. I'm always afraid of putting the data between the Google servers & my Android in jeopardy, due to a bad or closed-off connection. Even though I've put in the necessary settings to prevent such a thing, I'm still slightly concerned about losing something? Recently, my phone synced calendars while JD was enabled, and only 14 of the 15 calendars made it to my phone.

    I want to uninstall, any thoughts?
    05-28-2012 01:44 AM