06-19-2011 02:16 AM
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  1. ardoreal's Avatar
    Newsroom is my second favorite, but I liked the features of FeedR better. Imho having the news articles readable inside the feed list was really slick, plus it's smoother and uses less memory.
    02-03-2010 01:32 PM
  2. bnob99's Avatar
    Ive been having issues lately with Newsrob not showing some of my feeds that I know have updates in them.
    02-03-2010 05:54 PM
  3. berdinkerdickle's Avatar
    Please Resurrection this thread.
    04-24-2011 09:35 PM
  4. berdinkerdickle's Avatar
    04-24-2011 09:41 PM
  5. Chief71's Avatar
    I like Pulse
    04-24-2011 09:41 PM
  6. burwil's Avatar
    .....newer as in updated in January. I moved from Newsrob to gReader Pro for one simple reason which probably will mean nothing to most people.....Newsrob doesn't date the feed list. If you don't keep up with your reading you might tally up a long list of unread articles. I want to know how old they are because the older ones get less priority from me. gReader reports the date on their listing/summary and Newsrob does not. Unless I'm missing something.
    04-25-2011 10:54 AM
  7. flatworld's Avatar
    I like US News Reader very much! It supports all RSS feeds from the major newspapers in US and you don't have to add feeds manually.
    06-19-2011 02:16 AM
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