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    Release: 2012 .
    Genre: Arcade
    Developer: Herocraft
    Publisher: Herocraft
    Language: English, Spanish, Italian, Deutch, Francias
    Crack: not required
    Platform: Android
    Screen Resolution: any

    Description: Dragon & Dracula

    Uncover the secrets of your forefathers as the last of the dragons in this epic fairytale adventure. You begin as a baby dragon, alone in your warm cave, but under threat from the evil Dracula and his minions you'll need to grow up quickly and brave the vast world outside your cave in order to survive. By completing levels and collecting artefacts you'll be able to see your dragon grow, allowing him to take on tough new challenges and learn vital new skills. You'll even be able to customise the look of your dragon by unlocking adornments throughout your quest. Each level has a multitude of coins as well as rare perks that will greatly enhance your dragon's abilities for a limited time. As you progress you'll unlock a variety of mini-games which can then be accessed any time. Your main quest remains to defeat Dracula, and with the wisdom of your forefathers sealed away in ancient tablets, you'll be able to learn what it means to be a dragon and how to defeat the evil Dracula

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