1. Swavek's Avatar
    I was a google reader hold-out for a while until a few days ago when I tried google currents and now i'm in love with it. initially i thought that currents was just some digital magazine reader (it is, sorta!) but it also imported my reader rss feeds too.
    it's very beautiful to use and i can read the full articles right inside of it w/o launching the web browser. with google reader, it always annoyed me that every time i'd launch the full article it would open up a new tab in the browser. after a while, i had a million tabs which pissed off my slightly OCD butt! in any case, currents is a pleasure to use and actually easier to read (nicer layout than reader).

    question for other google current and g-reader users: do i steel need to keep my g-reader sync'ing on or does currents handle that too?
    06-06-2012 08:06 AM
  2. jean15paul's Avatar
    I used Google Currents and I've never used Reader. Currents will automatically sync when you open it and click on a feed. (They've actually improved this recently. It used to be really slow, but it's much better now). I manually created my RSS feeds in Currents. If you went this same route than I assume you can completely ditch Reader.
    06-06-2012 09:44 AM
  3. w5cyc's Avatar
    I used to love Google Currents too. Until Flipboard came to Android. Flipboard flat blows Currents away.
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    06-07-2012 12:38 AM
  4. Swavek's Avatar
    really? i tried the beta version of flipboard and didn't think it was anything special. am i missing something about flipboard? what about pulse? how does it compare to either currents and/or flipboard?
    06-07-2012 02:20 AM
  5. kkapoorr's Avatar
    Flipboard was nothing great. It takes a lot of screen space for nothing... I prefer Pulse to all others.

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    06-07-2012 02:33 AM
  6. anjali_jain's Avatar
    It is now available in India and My Google Reader login works fine. Happy to get this app.
    06-07-2012 06:13 AM
  7. kkapoorr's Avatar
    It is now available in India and My Google Reader login works fine. Happy to get this app.
    Try pulse

    Sent from my International HTC One X.
    06-08-2012 01:28 AM
  8. walcolm's Avatar
    Flipboard, Pulse, Current...can someone pls tell me which one to go for

    i currently use Flipboard and occasionally, it takes me to a webpage to read some articles.....most times the articles load up in Flipboard...in the last few days, it has become quite slow refreshing feeds
    07-19-2012 09:53 AM
  9. kkapoorr's Avatar
    I prefer Pulse cause of the UI. Yeah, Flipboard may be prettier but pulse is more useful I guess.... Currents are a downright no no for me.

    Author of NoobTech:
    07-19-2012 11:43 AM
  10. bkfly45's Avatar
    I've used all mentioned, my standby is still GReader Pro though I'm using Currents more and more for MSM, pulse just takes forever to load/refresh (rooted, oc'd JB xoom). I put several GReader Pro widgets on my Droid X & xoom, so they are big scrollable news feeds basically (100 stories per widget, widget pulls stories from my folders in google reader), then have it setup in the app's settings so clicking any news line item in a widget instantly opens a window and you go right to the web feed of it, with JB rom's this goes a ton faster than it did with ICS, a couple secs and you have the whole page in front of you, hit back and you're out and ready for the next, and I never have to actually open any app/whatever, just click story headlines on one of my screens where I place the widgets.

    It's not that pretty but highly functional, but my main RSS feed is the feed from an aggregator, so I'm just clicking through links already (No Agenda News Network), haven't found anything else that handles links better than GReader Pro - use it also for following the few people on twitter I want to see away from the noise, so I group a few people's twitter feeds into folder on Google Reader and use that folder as a widget, instead of having to use a widget from a twitter app that will give me my entire feed (which I use as well).
    08-14-2012 01:53 PM