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    We tried our best to launch more countries and take care our quality of calling information. And NOW WhosCall starts to open in Japan, Korea, England, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan & Singapore, etc...!

    In the past we open to the United States, India, China, and Saudi-Arabia and Taiwan, have good performance. More 1 million people download whoscall & get good feedback in the past! Now we get the technical assistance of the local countries, so that more countries can use Whoscall !!

    If you are in Japan, Korea, England, Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan & Singapore etc, you can download WhosCall beta in the following, WhosCall beta open to more 100 countries:
    WhosCall beta

    WhosCall didn't have too much complex information connected but real and accurate as your call is coming!

    Welcome to download and give us your feedback!!
    WhosCall beta

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    06-09-2012 02:03 AM