1. TechNut79's Avatar
    Sorry if this is in the wrong area. Wasn't sure where to put it.

    I finally decided to try Google Play Music last night. I started uploading my music. I only have 737 songs. I believe 4 of those songs said they couldn't upload. If I'm going to have my music in the cloud, I'm going to have ALL my music in the cloud. I need help with figuring out why those 4 songs won't upload. Also, album art is wrong for quite a few of the songs. I tried to download Album Art Grabber from the Google Play store, but running it doesn't do anything. Any ideas there? Thanks!
    06-10-2012 09:47 AM
  2. bboykin87's Avatar
    Are ther drm protected? Maybe in an unsupported format?
    06-10-2012 11:22 AM
  3. TechNut79's Avatar
    They're all in .mp3 format. All of them were ripped from cds.
    06-10-2012 12:10 PM
  4. EvilMonkey's Avatar
    Well, I'd probably just re-rip those 4 songs. Pretty hard for us to debug it. You can even rip them from the MP3 files to another MP3 file and try it.

    As for the album art, you can click on the album in Google Play to open the album (at least in a browser on your PC), then just to the right of the album art, there's a little triangle to click on to open a menu where you can edit the album info. You can change the cover art there. With "only" 737 songs, there can't be that many unless you completely didn't have them tagged right at all. I have like 13,000 songs in there and the album art was wrong on about a dozen of them.
    06-10-2012 12:33 PM
  5. TechNut79's Avatar
    Unfortunately I don't really have the time to be figuring this all out, so I guess the music will stay on my computer and I won't worry about them being in the cloud.
    06-10-2012 12:47 PM
  6. BYU Vince's Avatar
    I've updated all of my meta-data on Google Play. It seems like any time I change my music collection in any way, some songs get messed up. This time, about 50 songs/albums decided to use the album art from a Shakira album. Well I got them all fixed, and now everything looks good on Google Play...when I access it from a browser on my PC (home desktop or work laptop).

    Now I've got songs on my Android app that are displaying incorrect album art, artist, and album meta-data. For example, a Katy Perry single was listed with the right album name, the wrong album art (not even the Shakira one this time, one I've never even seen before), and the wrong artist (Kevin Rudolf/Lil' Wayne). This particular song doesn't even show up when I'm accessing my collection through a PC. I've tried "refresh music" from the settings of my android app, but these few messed up songs are persistent. I don't want to delete them from the app in case it deletes the correct single/album from the account entirely.

    Any ideas on how to get this right on my PC and Android?
    06-27-2012 02:39 PM
  7. BYU Vince's Avatar
    Turns out that the messed up files were ones I'd downloaded to my phone (to avoid streaming and using up my data plan). Once I took them off the phone, everything was the same as on my PC.

    Another problem I was running into was that Google Play was picking up my ringtones and even my voicemail greeting! Inserting a file titled ".nomedia" into the corresponding folders fixed that, and now I only see my MUSIC. I've heard of a lot of people having Google Play pick up their podcasts, which can be a pain when you're wanting to listen to a shuffle of your music. The ".nomedia" file seems to work for that as well--or so I've read. I'm not big on podcasts, myself, and YMMV.
    06-27-2012 04:23 PM