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    Just received my Google Voice invite last night!

    However, setting up my account this morning shows that there aren't any Google Voice numbers in my area, or state for that matter. I live in KY, and the only numbers in Kentucky are the northern KY / Cincinnati area. I don't really want a Cincinnati number because of long distance charges for folks that call me, obviously.

    So, what should I do?

    Can I sign up for a voicemail-only account and then later switch to a google voice number account when/if google ever releases new numbers for my area?

    I'd rather not get a Cincinnati Google Number and then switch it later, because switching numbers costs $10, plus the fact that I'd be telling everyone to switch to my Cincinnati google number, then switch again to a different google number. Too many switches.

    So, can someone verify that you can switch from a google voicemail account to a google voice number account?
    06-16-2010 09:35 AM
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    Yes, you can start with a voicemail only account and switch to a full Google Voice account. When I got my Google Voice invite, I set up a voicemail only account (didn't see the reason for a full number when the only phone I can call my own was my cell) and there is a link, clear as day in the settings page, that says "Get a Google number".
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    06-16-2010 10:02 AM
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    Also, just found this (after searching all over the place...not sure why I didn't find this first)...
    06-16-2010 10:14 AM