1. jerethi's Avatar
    I'm using a Droid Incredible that comes with Facebook for HTC Sense. The other day, I was poking around in the Accounts & Sync settings, and noticed that, in addition to seeing Facebook for HTC Sense, there is now a separate Facebook account listed there as well. When I tap it, the only option I see there is to "sync contacts."

    Since I am using Facebook for HTC Sense, for the moment, I'm not syncing my contacts via this other Facebook account. But does anyone know what the difference is between these two Accounts is? What does it mean exactly to sync contacts? Does that mean this account, like Facebook for HTC Sense, will use my Facebook friends' pictures as the picture for the contacts on my phone? I get that one is probably from the Facebook app itself, but what is the difference between the two?

    06-16-2012 10:02 AM
  2. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    You are correct. If you have me as a contact in your phone, and we are also Facebook friends, when you sync contacts, it combines the info about me on your phone with the info from my Facebook accounts and puts it all on your phone. My Facebook profile pic becomes my contact pic on your phone.

    I think one of them is the build in HTC app and the other one is what was downloaded from the market.
    06-16-2012 10:14 AM
  3. jerethi's Avatar
    Thanks. Since most, if not all, Android phones natively support this feature, is using one method recommended over the other?
    06-16-2012 10:28 AM