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    "Gradester" is an application designed for students of all education levels (high school, university etc) to make their grade calculations a snap.

    Here's what you can do with Gradester:

    • CALCULATE THE FINAL GRADE FOR A MODULE: If you know that grades to all the assignments (projects, courseworks or final exams) for a module, add them to Gradester and it will give you the final grade for your module.
    • CALCULATE THE GRADE NEEDED FOR YOUR FINAL ASSIGNMENT: If you have just one assignment left and you know the grades to all other assignments for a module tap on the "One left" button and Gradester will tell you what grade you need to get on that last assignment to pass the module
    • STORE YOUR GRADES: The modules and assignments added to Gradester are automatically stored in your phone's memory, so you can quickly get back to them. Gradester only stores this information in your phone and nowhere else.

    The app is available now on Google Play
    06-18-2012 04:58 AM