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    Roobot is a 3D friend and personal assistant enabling users to control their android based devices with voice or text.

    You can also personalize your Roobot in any way you want. Roobot comes with 25 dress options.
    You can choose one of the 7 different accents in English including; UK, USA, Australia, South Africa, India, Canada, New Zealand.

    Roobot can;

    • Take notes
    • Set Alarms and Reminders
    • Learn new things
    • Post messages in Facebook and Twitter
    • Send and read SMS messages
    • Make phone calls.
    • Tell you jokes
    • Launch applications
    • Play music from your library
    • Do mathematical calculation
    • Do money or metric conversions
    • Give you latest weather information in any city in the world
    • Give you local time in any city in the world
    • Find information on internet

    And many more ...


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    06-19-2012 11:29 AM