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    I am in the process of deciding between iphone 4 and Incredible. I'm coming from blackberry storm. I am trying to avoid moving towards ATT and would prefer to stay with Verizon. However, the main reason that I would move to iphone would be for all of the great medical apps, none of which are on android. The best thing available on android is a simplified beta version of epocrates (meds only). Does anyone know of a good source of medical apps? Especially neurology type apps such as NIHSS, neuroradiology, etc.? Do you think the medical app availability will improve, or should I give up hope and reluctantly give into ATT?
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    06-16-2010 09:00 PM
  2. Thehomez's Avatar
    I have the same concern as you and I ended up sticking with Verizon and ordering the DInc. I'm positive that as the Android market grows there will be a bunch more medical apps. I know there are already a bunch out there that my friends have on their phone and i'm sure there is more on the way. May take a couple of months for the higher end apps but most of the main and basic apps are available. Also, Skyscape which has basically every medical app ever for sale supports android so they should be expanding most of their apps for android phones
    06-16-2010 10:54 PM
  3. Bigchris's Avatar
    Their are some medical apps, Tabers is on there and some drug apps as well like AtoZ drugs. Check out App Brain, and see if they have the Apps your looking for. I think there will be more apps coming
    06-16-2010 11:44 PM
  4. St. Urho's Avatar
    I'm not sure if it has exactly what you need, but I'm a big fan of PEPID.
    06-17-2010 01:38 PM
  5. bclinger#IM's Avatar
    HanDBase for Android is now available and their gallery has a few medical applets.
    10-18-2010 11:16 AM
  6. jastop's Avatar
    I think you'll see some very cool stuff coming very soon. The platform is as open as you can get, highly connected and so feature rich these applications have to be in the works. Part of the issue is that the medical apps tend to be pretty involved from an integration perspective and they just take a little longer because you need to work with third parties.

    We just finished an very specialized utility application in the medical information space that is a small example. We built it for ourselves and our customers that are working on larger connected medical applications using one of the standardized interchange formats. It simply lets a user browse the hierarchy tree of codes and attributes to find the proper entry. The information base of codes is not even close to the largest of the datasets we work with in the field, but take a look at the database sizes and record counts. These are pretty big numbers to handle on a device that lives in your pocket. But on the Android platform the searches and browsing is as fast as you would ever want it.

    10-30-2010 07:00 PM
  7. palmdoc#AC's Avatar
    Hi all. Some of you may know me as a medical app developer for webOS. I have also decided in addition to go the route of multi-platform support using web applets instead of platform specific apps only.

    I have started a medical web app project here:
    All the apps are free.

    I only have a HTC Desire so I can't say how the apps will run in other Android phones - appreciate any feedback. The apps will run offline if you save the bookmark as a shortcut on your Home screen. There may be an issue whether you get the "doctor" app icon or a generic "star" icon - and that is where I'd appreciate other users letting me know whether you get the custom icon or not.

    I may convert some to native Android apps in the future but for the moment web app development seems to be the solution which suits my needs.
    10-18-2011 05:10 PM
  8. palmdoc#AC's Avatar
    Oh I do agree there seems to be a general lack of medical apps on the Android platform compared with iOS. The marketplace "medical" category is also cluttered with "consumer grade" apps rather than those directed at medical users.
    10-18-2011 05:11 PM
  9. dnrperez's Avatar
    I have found epcrocrates to be useful also skyscape is now on android and they have a wide selection of medical apps etc
    10-19-2011 09:16 PM
  10. tony bag o donuts's Avatar
    I just want an app that I can have my medical history, my wife's and my two kids.
    What meds they took when they were sick last, any surgeries, etc.

    Everything seems hit or miss and I don't want a subscription based app.
    12-28-2011 11:34 AM