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    I've been ripping loads of my old CDs on a PC, so I can put them on a 64GB SD in my new GSIII. While Windows Media Player correctly IDs about 2/3 of the music, I now have alot of MP3s that are either listed as unknown artist, track 01, etc. or are just plain misidentified. Is there an ap that will use an online database to rename and correctly label them? I found a Windows program that will do that ("Tune In" I think), but it costs $30 minimum!!
    06-24-2012 05:38 PM
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    If I turn off the "Rip CD Automatically" option in Windows Media Player, I can wait to see whether a CD is properly identified before ripping it. If not, I can right-click on the first track, choose "Find album Info" and enter the correct CD title in the search box. This will allow me to rip the rest of my discs without ID errors/"unknown" tags (unless the database used by WMP doesn't have my disc -- occasionally the case since I've got some pretty obscure stuff from overseas), but the original question stands, since I'll either have to find an Android Ap to fix tracks I've already ripped, enter a load of track titles, etc. manually (no), or re-rip a whole lotta CDs (hope not).
    06-25-2012 10:33 PM