1. ea7770's Avatar
    I'm looking for an audio recording app for recording live music (my band) with a stereo microphone (Audio Technica AT822 stereo mic).

    I don't need lots of bells and whistles (although those are ok too). All I really need is a simple, good quality, 2 channel stereo recorder.

    -the app needs to record at least at 16 bit 44.1 uncompressed wav

    -it needs to record in 2 channel stereo

    -needs to have some sort of graphic view of both channels while recording

    -would prefer it to be able to have the ability to adjust the levels on the fly

    -prefer it to be able to record unlimited length of time (ie 2-3 hours straight through)
    06-28-2012 12:40 AM
  2. ShockDroid's Avatar
    Hey, i'm about 2 weeks looking for it. I have full version of tape machine, that fits well on what youre looking for but it doesn't manages well the louder parts of the source of recording even with the auto level turned off and set all the way down. If you find anything let me know please. Sorry for my bad english. Saludos.
    12-01-2012 05:02 PM