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    The Summer's here and it's the perfect time to ... well you know...
    So this week we've released AFW - Ganja Edition. It's the ultimate weed, marijuana, rastafari, or whatever you call it, widget pack.

    AFW - Ganja Edition Includes:
    ✔Bong brightness widgets
    ✔Cannabis joint battery widgets
    ✔Rasta weather widgets
    ✔Stoner clock widgets with 420 reminders
    ✔Weed toggle widgets: wifi, sound, auto-rotate, etc.
    ✔Several styles to choose from.
    ✔No useless animations that kill your battery in a day.
    All of this in one awesome pack and it's free!

    So don't waste any more time trying to piece together a bunch of random widgets of the market! Download AFW - Ganja Edition and let the high times roll!

    Download the AFW - Weed Widget Pack

    And as always, any comments or ratings are greatly appreciated.
    06-28-2012 10:19 PM