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    Todays Android App: Cheery Bird

    - Its is like the helicopter game with a bird and better graphics, when you press the screen to fly up and let go to soar back down while avoiding obstacles

    - The game has multiple levels, you just have to reach the end and you complete it

    - To get a perfect score you must collect 3 stars as you go long

    - By grabbing cherries to gain energy and if you tap the bird it boosts forward

    The game gets very repetitive and we lost interest fast. Just doing the same thing over and over got boring. In a game we are looking for a challenge but to make us want to continue not quit. After testing and testing we still had no urge to want to get a perfect score we just wanted the game to be over with.

    It is fairly hard to use the boost of energy while trying to maintain going up and down. So it was difficult to beat the game.

    The plus side to this app is the graphics, they are along the lines of angry birds with nice bright colors.
    Also there is a store in the game where u can buy power ups for your bird(ex. Stable flight, make bird invisible) which was fun to check them out and i believe that was the highlight of the app while playing.

    Honestly don't know how it got over 100,000 + downloads. We were surprised.

    06-29-2012 12:45 PM