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    I found out that since ICS does not support USB mass storage on my GS3 and most of the apps out for usb syncing do not work. I found Airsync which is separate from doubletwist and only syncs via wifi, but it does not have an option for usb. Usually if I were to transfer one or two movies moving it into my sd card via Explorer is fine, but with lots of videos and thousands of music tracks I need something to organize my media...
    Since I want to move away from itunes i am looking for a desktop music/video application that can sync selected music/video to the same app on android. It seems like none of these support usb MTP at the moment, but the closest example I have would be Winamp, with the exception that it uses wifi sync. My only gripe with winamp is that you cannot select songs using checkboxes like itunes (or can you?), which means syncing my entire library or selected playlists. Any solutions to this or alternative apps? i know it sounds like i'm nitpicking but just copying my entire music folder to my sd card is just not how i deal with my media, and I'm still trying to wrap my head around this brand new phone and os
    07-02-2012 01:45 AM