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    You're sitting in a cafe with friends and you call your friend David:

    - Hi Dave, we're sitting at Lilly's and having drinks. Do you want to come and join?
    - Hey, that would be great. But, Lilly's? Where is it?

    Explaining how to reach to Lilly's or finding its exact address could be cumbersome. What if you had an innovative application on your smartphone which would send a command to the smartphone of David to start navigation to Lilly's? SocialNav is an innovative Android application which does exactly this. In addition to spontaneous meetings, this innovative application is also used when your child is lost somewhere in the city and calls you for help.

    Last but not least, SocialNav also lets you navigate to your Facebook events and check-ins with just three clicks.

    Currently SocialNav supports four languages: English, German (Deutch), Dutch (Nederlands) and Greek (Ελληνικά). More languages will be supported soon (suggestions are welcome).

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    07-05-2012 06:16 AM