1. rotz055's Avatar
    First off, I love this keyboard to death. It is truly fantastic but I do have one complaint. With every keyboard I've used on on my Droid I've been able to swipe my finger down to close the keyboard. I've found under settings the option to gesture down and close keyboard but it will not work, in fact I can't get any of the gestures to work! Has anybody found a possible fix for this or encountered this problem at all? Am I just doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.
    06-20-2010 02:04 PM
  2. Brett's Avatar
    it works on my droid. are you swiping really fast or slow. also are you swiping from one side to the other side or are you swiping half way.

    you have to swipe at a moderate speed as well as all the way across. sometimes it might not work but when i do it a 2nd time it will.
    06-20-2010 02:45 PM
  3. icebike's Avatar
    This does work for me with SmartKb.

    Start with finger not touching the screen at all,
    In one motion, tap a letter and slide finger down over the space bar and off the screen.
    Don't start with your finger above the keyboard.
    Use one continuous motion
    No pause from the time your finger touches the keyboard till it slips off the bottom edge of the keyboard.
    I always aim in the center of the keyboard, like g or h or something.
    06-20-2010 02:49 PM