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    The Electroflies are lost in space and need to find their way home! These space dwelling cousins of fireflies need to zoom from portal to portal to complete their great journey.
    A fun physics game with firefly-like creatures who have their flight path warped by electric charges. The charges are moved to create the best shot to bypass the obstacles and solve the level!

    Its a free game on Google Play, try it out!


    FUN 2D game set in space.
    Combination PUZZLE and SKILL based gameplay, place the charges, then make the shot!
    Crazy electric charge based physics creates beautiful patterns as the Electroflies zip across the screen.
    Win the level in the fewest shots possible to earn more stars!
    25 levels in each set, each new level set will feature a new game dynamic or object to challenge you!
    Completely free game (just ad supported).
    Alternatively, if you'd like to support development and play without ads there is paid version. All game progress is imported into the paid version from the free version if you decide to buy it later so why not give it a try!

    How to play

    To complete the level an Electrofly must make it from the launch portal to the next portal on the journey.
    Tap the screen near the start portal to launch the Electrofly in that direction.
    Electric charges curve the Electroflies flight as they are attracted or repelled based on their colour.
    Some charges can be moved to change the Electroflies path to solve the puzzle!

    If you have any problems, comments or suggestions please let us know!
    07-06-2012 12:59 PM