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    Enjoy your new found freedom !
    GPS Location based mobile deals and coupons

    Zoom Dealz aims to be the largest concentration of coupons and deals on any mobile platform on Earth. The app helps users to shop socially by discovering the best deals and coupons within their location. With access to over a million deals valid online and at over 500,000 merchant locations, the user can configure his/her proximity to deals, by setting a predefined number of miles in his/her settings. By using artificial intelligence and contextual technology, the app learns user shopping behavior over time and suggests deals to the user to suite his/her shopping patterns. By using GPS technology, the user will only see deals within a user's location. Over time, the technology learns user behavior and presents the user with deals that are most relevant to each user.

    Platform: Android [will be releasing an ios version at a later date]
    Targeted consumers: All
    Pricing: Free

    Email: zoom.dealz@gmail.com
    URL: http://zoomdealz.blog.com/enjoy-your-new-found-freedom/

    07-10-2012 09:02 AM