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    So I'm pretty sure I'm late to the party here, but I just thought I'd share my experience. I've long used Trillian over other IM's primary because for me I just preferred the interface and the simplicity of the app. It also was the only one that was correctly load everyone's avatars for me.

    Well, 2 days ago I decided it was time to shop around and try out a few others to see what I thought, so I tried out IMO, Beejive and IM+.

    I didn't like IMO, as it just seemed very beta to me for some reason. But, I tried Beejive and IM+ for one whole day each.

    The main thing I noticed is that after shutting off Trillian my battery life increased tremendously. When I say tremendously, I gained an extra 6-8 hours of use. I WISH I was exagerrating, but after looking at my battery stats it confirmed it. I know Trillian just runs in the background, whereas the other two offer push, but I didn't realize it was THAT much of a drain. Where my phone would be at 50% after 5 hours of little to no use (also worth noting that i have the EXTENDED battery on my Rezound), I was now getting seeing 10-12 hours. I even used the phone a bit more over the last few days and still went through the entire day no problems.

    I wish I really had figured that out sooner. I didn't realize it was "that" bad. Needless to say, Trillian will be used by me no more. If you want to know, I'm currently liking IM+ a little more than Beejive.
    07-10-2012 08:05 PM
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    I use Trillian myself. No significant battery drain on my end. Are you sure you set up the options correctly? Trillian uses push also.

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    07-11-2012 12:07 AM