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    So yesterday I downloaded this app called Waze, it was featured on the play store. Anyways this is one of the coolest apps I have ever seen. It allows drivers to connect and report information quick and easily. I recommend this app to anyone who drives a lot, lives in a metro area, or doesn't like to be stuck in traffic! It also has built in navigation, which is almost as good as Google's Nav.

    Play store link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...com.waze&hl=en
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    07-13-2012 12:45 AM
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    Great navigation app with commuter traffic updates.
    07-13-2012 09:21 AM
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    Great navigation app with commuter traffic updates.
    Yep it sure is. I think it's so cool how it gathers data just by you driving. I have to say I also love the police alert feature.
    I'm a speeder.
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    07-13-2012 04:29 PM
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    I've been using it for quite a while now....
    It shows you where the police are, accidents ahead, speed traps, camera and now they've even started putting up fuel prices (although I'm not exactly sure how accurate they really are)

    I most love the fact that it updates your route as you drive in accordance with traffic
    07-14-2012 02:11 AM
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    Great app, I'm curious about how accurate (how real time) the representation of others waze users is in the app. When i am on the road and I drive past a waze user icon...should I be able to look over and see waze running on their smartphone? :-)

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    07-14-2012 05:37 AM
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    Waze is great for hazard reporting and police traps. It's pretty good but not great for traffic (at least in my area). But it sucks at actual navigation/directions. It definitely has a preference for major street and highways even when that's not the most direct or fastest route.

    I use Waze everyday on my commute to be aware of speed traps. But if I don't know where I'm going and need directions, I use Google Navigation. Waze has let me down too many time with driving directions.

    Remember: like all apps that rely on crowd-source data, it's only as good as data it gets. You need a decent amount of people using it in your area and on your route for it to be useful.
    07-16-2012 01:51 PM