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    Hi all:

    For several months, I've been searching for the "Android equivalent" to the iOS reminders app *ALARMED* (by David Mandell of Yoctoville). Basically I'm looking for a reminders app that:

    1) Has push notifications (a pop-up window, preferably).

    2) Has push notifications that repeat infinitely until you either snooze it or aknowledge it. ALARMED has the "Nag Me" feature - which essentially nags or bugs the user every minute until they acknowledge or snooze the reminder alert. It's great for lazy people and procrastinators. Android apps I've seen so far have notifications which repeat only once every hour.

    3) Has robust, advanced repeat options. The ability to customize very specific repeat instructions (ie: "the last Thursday of every month," "every weekday," "the 5th of every month," "every 3 days," etc., etc.).

    Like I said, I've been searching for months but haven't had any luck. I'm currently using an iPhone so I don't have access to an Android device of my own; yeah, I've played around with other people's Android phones but it's not the same thing. So I'm hoping that some of the seasoned Android vets around here know of a reminders app that fits my qualifications. Thanks in advance.

    07-15-2012 09:37 PM