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    Alright so I switched from an Impulse 4G to a Samsung Galaxy S3. Long story short on why: My Impulse 4G caught on fire.

    anyway I switched over about 3 weeks ago and I am just starting to miss a couple of apps that I paid for. I did not have Kies for my Impulse and I am using the same Gmail account but when I go in to My Apps and go under All the apps I purchased aren't there.

    also on a random side note I've been having trouble with Kies on my computer. It duplicated songs on to my phone and some songs ares tuck with the 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, etc etc etc. None of them on my computer (Transferred from Itunes) are named that and I'm also have issues with album art for some of the songs I myself have made or just really any other ones. I've tried downloading the Art on my computer and manually inserting them but after like an hour of work I put it in my phone and nothing changed -.- any suggestions on these three issues?
    07-16-2012 12:32 AM
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    07-17-2012 07:58 PM