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    1Tap Quick Bar is the best notification customization app for Android. It helps you to do most common tasks in a shorter time, such as change Wifi settings, call your wife, add an event, launch an favorite game just in 1-click. It also offers a way to create a beautiful notification bar.

    How 1tap Quick Bar works?
    You can add most of task into notification bar and quickly kick it off in 1tap. It supports over 50 built-in tasks, including
    ☆ Direct dial
    ☆ Direct message,
    ☆ 1-tap direct web page launcher,
    ☆ Application shortcut
    ☆ Application launcher
    ☆ Direct email label
    ☆ New event, new message
    ☆ Hidden system activities
    ☆ 3rd tasks: ram booster
    ☆ Media control
    ☆ Etc,.

    A quick bar appearance can be twisted in many ways, such as background, icon set, text color, status icon, etc,. to make it the most beautiful notification bar.

    How to work 1tap Quick Bar?
    A quick bar is a special notification that stays on notification area. It composes up to 6 actions with fully customize its colors, text, background. Actions are categorized into 5 main groups:
    ☆ Setting: quickly toggle a setting or launch useful setting shortcut (upto 50 types).
    ☆ Application: launch chosen application.
    ☆ Shortcut: launch shortcut supplied by other applications
    ☆ Contact: to make a call, send a sms or email to chosen contact
    ☆ Misc: several built-in commands, hidden activities

    There are several special actions that help you to discover hidden applications on your devices, such as Application's shortcut, last call, battery info, etc,.

    The design tab helps you to customize any part of a quick bar.

    Free version supports one quick bar. Upgrade to Pro version enjoy more quick bar


    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...staller.onetap

    Website: 1Tap Quick Bar Root Uninstaller
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AntTekApps
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