1. ppzhao's Avatar
    I have a Google Voice number and a Verizon number with my Android, and have Google Voice installed on my Android. I haven't fully transitioned to the Google Voice number yet (as in gave everyone my new number, etc). I live in a basement apartment with good Wifi connection but bad Cell phone signal

    1. When I make a call using my cell phone, and I choose the option to "dial with Google Voice" when I call - am I using my Wifi and VoIP technology to make that dial, therefore bypassing my bad cell signal? Or is it simply taking my cell signal and dialing out, doing some type of "transfer"? If it uses cell signal and not Wifi, how do I get it to use Wifi instead?

    2. When I do that, how can I send my cell number as caller ID instead of Google Voice number?

    3. When people call my cell phone while I'm in my apartment (not Google Voice number, but my cell number), is there any way to pick it up using Google Voice VoIP technology so I can bypass the bad cell phone signal?

    06-24-2010 04:53 PM
  2. KrispyKrink's Avatar
    1. No. GV dials out to a local central GV number over the cell signal, connects, then makes a call to the number you dialed.

    2. Settings toggle on the GV web site will allow you to set this.

    3. No.

    In regards to 1 & 3, if you were on T-Mobile and willing to wait until Fall, they will be releasing a software download to enable UMA calling for Android phones on their network. This is the main reason why I stay with T-Mobile. I have a flaky signal at home so while there I can just use my BlackBerry Bold 9700 over UMA for flawless wifi calling. In the Fall when I can install this on my N1... can't wait!
    06-24-2010 05:35 PM