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    Greetings fellow Android Central users,

    I have a slight headache considering cloud storage. At the moment I have aleviated the issue through using an older apk version, but sadly it is only staving off the issue at hand.

    I am presently using Dropbox and I like it. I have however opted NOT to use their recent app versions as they removed a feature I find essential and fundamental in the way I use dropbox. And that is the feature to quickly download things (Long press - Click download) and have it all going into a single folder that I have access to, without having to manually export every single thing.

    Their newer app versions only allows to favorite stuff which means it gets saved in some arbitrary folder which is not what I want. Or to manually export a file from Dropbox which means I have to click 3 actions (Long press, Click Export and then designate the location) EVERY single time!. The old app defaults to /sdcard/dropbox but with the new app you have to designate a dir every time and its just "painful".

    But in the long run I expect dropbox to discontinue the old app and thus forcing me to either upgrade or discontinue using dropbox, which makes Dropbox more or less useless to me as it it will be a big pain in the *** to work with, if I upgrade.

    So my question for you all are, is there actually any cloud storage providers out there that allows you to designate where files you download are being stored at?. I gave Google Drive a try-out, but sadly realised they are subject to the same stupid "rules" as dropbox and store all "tagged" files in some arbitrary folder on the 6th level and doesn't give you the option to say, tell the app to save files in /sdcard/(som random folder).

    Do I actually have any options, or am i SOL in this regard, unless charges are actually made to the mobile apps?

    Hoping someone might be able to help me, or offer an alternative app that does what I am actually looking for. I am however NOT interested in hearing people trying to explain "why" this change is "good" or whatever. I already heard it and I dont agree.

    Thanks in advance for the help
    07-23-2012 08:30 PM
  2. epidenimus's Avatar
    Have you tried Wuala? Great security, nice integration, allows you to specify download folder on your Android device, integration with Nautilus on Linux... Even though less secure when enabled, if you allow it to store your password, the integration is nearly transparent. It does encryption client side, so it may be a little slower in uploading, but more secure.
    07-24-2012 12:36 AM
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    Last time I tried Wuala it was a tad on the slow side. It didn't actually let you have a localized "version" of the what was stored in the cloud, so everytime you wanted something from Wuala it had to be sent back and forth with the speed of your connection.

    Not sure if they fixed that?
    07-24-2012 02:48 AM
  4. bluesteel's Avatar
    I had the same annoyance as you. There is an app called Dropsync that will let you create or choose a local folder on your sd card (or internal storage) and pair it with a folder in your Dropbox. All files in that folder stay updated both locally and in the cloud. For me, this app is a godsend. I bought the premium version, which lets you sync with more than one folder, and I believe has some additional flexibility.
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    07-28-2012 11:53 PM
  5. PraetorianGuard's Avatar
    I use dropsync as well which is good for the folders that i want to sync. But downloading single files from Dropbox is still a pain tho, considering they added the extra "presses" you have to do before.
    07-29-2012 07:47 AM
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    09-17-2012 08:27 AM
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    I use box, mainly because I have 50gb for free

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    09-17-2012 01:08 PM
  8. Cellmeister's Avatar
    DropBox & Dropsync working well for me

    Box = Fail, slower then a snail...
    09-25-2012 09:12 AM
  9. ellemca's Avatar
    Being cheap, I use a boatload of free cloud storage services, mainly Box (I missed the 50GB offer or I'd be using it more exclusively), Dropbox, SugarSync, SpiderOak, Amazon Cloud Drive, SkyDrive, and Google Drive. I've also heard good things about Ubuntu One. It took me a little while but I came up with a configuration that makes things relatively simple for me, puts frequently used files in convenient locations, and pairs files that need to be secure or automatically synced with the right service. So far, I've only used Box and DropBox from my phone. I don't need to manage very large files and I haven't needed to download arbitrary individual files or folders to my local phone storage.

    I know SugarSync, SpiderOak, and Ubuntu One have Android apps. Theoretically, one of them might solve your problem. I've read that the SugarSync app is a battery hog. I've tried installing it multiple times, both from the Play store and via text message from the developer, but it never appears on my phone and I haven't gotten around to troubleshooting this problem. It looks like there are also a few third party sync apps in the Play app store, such as Dropsync and FolderSync. I've glanced at these two because they're supposed to work with several of the services I use (as well as quite a few others), but I don't know if either would alleviate your quick download pain.

    I installed and played with the free version of FolderSync a little but it was slow for me and I just wasn't interested enough to take the time to keep working with it. It allowed me to copy and paste a Box folder to a custom folder on my external SD card but I don't remember it being particularly click-efficient. From what I recall, I had to select the cloud folder, click copy, select my SD card, navigate to the local folder I wanted, and then click paste. There may be an easier way to do it that I didn't find on cursory inspection. I do remember I couldn't authenticate my SugarSync account; I think FolderSync couldn't find SugarSync's API host.

    Let us know if you found something that works for you.
    09-26-2012 06:17 PM