1. Jahn Estacado's Avatar

    Brightness+ Killer is a stylish and lightweight widget which will be your battery's best friend.
    After the download, follow these steps:

    1.Press and hold on homescreen on your Android phone.
    2.Select Widget
    3.Choose Brightness+ Killer widget.

    And you are done!!!
    Brightness+ Killer Widget will appear in your homescreen and will be ready for use!

    Easy to use, with only a click, Brightness+ Killer reduces your smartphones brightness level to minimum and changes your wallpaper with a solid-black one , further minimizing your battery's life.

    With a second click, it restores your own wallpaper and the brightness level on its initial state. ( if you had a live wallpaper it will not be set again, but it will set your default simple wallpaper. The upcoming paid version will support this feature)
    The change of wallpaper to a solid-black, it's extremely effective in phones with OLED, AMOLED and SUPER AMOLED screens.

    OLED screens don't have a back light. Instead each pixel is an Organic Light Emitting Diode that makes its own light. That means reducing how many pixels you have on during regular use of your phone can have a big impact on battery's life.

    With Brightness+ Killer you can extend your battery's life dramatically. Moreover, is a good battery-consuming measure when you run out of juice and you are not near a power source.

    Free Download from Google Play
    07-24-2012 07:48 PM
  2. funkylogik's Avatar
    nice idea can the brightness level it toggles to be set? i use a live wallpaper so il wait for that option
    07-29-2012 01:44 PM