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    I'm an Android noob and just got a new Motorola Atrix HD. In the online user manual they tell you to go to the Welcome Home link below and install the desktop Welcome Home app as well as the free app in the Google app store Transfer Your Data from BlackBerry or iPhone to Android with Welcome Home from Mark/Space

    From the sound of the process, it appears that with the desktop app you can transfer music etc from iTunes and then with the phone app, can transfer it to the phone.

    As many know, iTunes music is mp4 with DRM encoding which protects it. So my question is: Has anyone used this and does it actually change the file format so it can play on an Android phone?

    I installed Double Twist on my laptop and imported the playlist, but all the tunes are locked with DRM so they won't play. Everyone told me to use Double Twist, but it does not remove DRM, so not sure how it would work. Please help. Thanks.
    07-25-2012 12:23 AM